When MQM Quality Manufacturing was established in 1993 to meet the steel-related needs of the construction industry, the company’s senior officers were already renowned for their expertise in the metal fabrication sector.

In 1997, MQM turned to the US market for its continued growth and prosperity.

In 2001, MQM decided to expand its facilities in order to increase its production efficiency and therefore meet market demand more effectively. A 9,600-square-foot paintshop was set up for complex two- and three-layer applications.

MQM is one of the very few companies with such facilities in Eastern Canada.

Since then, MQM has continued to invest in its operations by expanding its main workshop and adding a second one for metal work machining. MQM has made significant investment in machinery for the handling and fabrication of large-sized components.

MQM is proud to be involved in major construction projects across North America.