Steel fabrication - flexible and durable

MQM Quality Manufacturing offers steel structure fabrication and installation services. We produce steel components and parts that, once assembled, become bigger machine parts or steel structures used by major industrial complexes such as mines, mills and refineries.

Steel is also the most recycled material in the world. It is therefore an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and sustainable solution for people looking to design “greener” infrastructure. Steel also lends itself well for use with noble materials—wood, glass and stone.

MQM: A major player in North America

MQM Quality Manufacturing is a leader in New Brunswick’s steel structure fabrication and installation sector.

MQM’s competitive prices, high-quality products, adherence to deadlines and customer relations make it a sought-after steel manufacturer.

We are committed to providing quality products and services that will meet and exceed our customers’ contractual specifications and industry codes.

MQM’s management pulls out all the stops to ensure that its work processes meet the strict occupational health and safety standards established by provincial and international organizations.